The day we have been waiting for is almost here, MJ fans!! Bad 25 is getting released on September 18, 2012, and the deluxe package looks AMAZING!!

677px-Bad 25 AlbumArt

Along with two great CDs of Michael Jackson's great music, fans are also going to be able to watch some videos from his Wembley Stadium show!! That's the same show that Princess Diana and Prince Charles went to, so, as you watch it, you can pretend you're watching MJ dance and sing with ROYALTY! Relive the glory by watching this teaser of the concert DVD:

Along with the deluxe new album and DVD, the official site for Michael Jackson has some great souvenirs for hardcore fans to purchase too! Check out this tour jacket:

Bad 25 jacket

Are you going to buy Bad 25 once it gets released?

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